Event Report


Over 200 union members, labor leaders, clergy and community attend today's "Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast." Videos and excerpts of his speech "I've Been To The Mountain Top" were read aloud to highlight his life and legacy. Rev. Sarah Halverson from Fairview Community Church gave the opening remarks and reminded those gathered that on this historical day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated fighting for the respect and dignity those in Wisconsin and other states are asking for. The fight is not too far from home. Nick Berardino, General Manager for the Orange County Employees Association gave an emotional speech regarding the current fight in Costa Mesa for the hundreds of lost jobs cut by an irresponsible mayor and city council.
Orange County Labor stands with the rights of workers, the right to bargain for fair wages and respect on the job. WE ARE ONE!

Report Author: Robyn Class

Very well organized!
Great presenters!
Really good turnout - teachers, teamsters, public employees, various union workers and clergy!
Very inspirational!!

Report Author: Sharon Levy

It was a very nice event commemorating the life of Martin Luther King. All of us attendees saw a video, heard excellent speakers and enjoyed great camaraderie with hearty breakfast food.

More than once those gathered gave standing ovations. I also heard a style of clapping that must be a union tradition b/c it was much snappier than what you ordinarily hear at a concert hall.

I'm glad I attended this event. It made me much more aware of the threats to workers rights which in effect is an assualt on the middle-class.