Event Report

Report Author: Chris Flores

It was an awesome event with lots of people coming out to show their support. Turning out for the event were groups from various local unions, educators, and general public showing their support this crucial issue. The event was well organized, the pacing was good, and the various speakers were excellent.
The one thing that dismayed me was as the event began to disperse I saw lots of signs and placards being left behind. Myself and several other people picked them off the street and out of trash cans they were stuffed into. It seems like quite a waste to just through them out, because there are certainly going to be a lot more rally's this year! So lets encourage recycling at the next event. Remember, there are lots of people in smaller towns all across this nation who would be very glad to have all the nice placards and signs we have at these bigger events!

Between the Bank of America and Federal Reserve Buildings.
101 California Street
Between the Bank of America and Federal Reserve Buildings.
Report Author: Jim Koehler

1500 people marched through San Francisco's financial district "Walk of Shame". From the Bank of America building, with stops at CitiBank, 101 California St., Hyatt Hotel and ending at the Federal Reserve of S.F. local workers from more than a dozen very different unions walked in unison to the chanting and songs of our common past. At each stop a union member affected by the practices of each corporation spoke of their plight.
Funny though, not a single story of our march which affected tens of thousands of people, from tourists to commuters to the marchers themselves, appeared on the local network affiliated news. A local unaffiliated news show (KTVU) did a good job of covering the story, however. Kinda makes you wonder who controls our media.